CAUTION:  Working in the Sex Industry is a Dead End Job!

Are you a sex worker? prostitute? escort? pimp? porn star? exotic dancer? Do you perform nude

 web cam shows for money? Do you want out of this type of employment but you don't know

 how to leave? Maybe you need rescued from a human trafficker?

      WE CAN HELP!

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                                            You may have never intended to live this lifestyle forever and you may not want this job now at all.  How can you get out?  Who can you turn to White As Snow Ministries Specializes in assisting those who feel trapped in the sex industry and                                                                                                      helps those who desire to exit this lifestyle forever!

                                                              For Assistance, call Rebecca now at 231-357-0581 or                                                           E-mail @ .

                                                            We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

                                           White as Snow Ministry - Reaching out to people  who need help with open arms and in unconditional love!

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